The Bratt Life

I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing!  I’ve been feeling led to start a blog for quite some time now, but have been too scared to do it.  I mean really who wants to hear what I have to say any way?  Are my words worth the time to read?  I must be crazy!!  These are all thoughts that have continually surfaced throughout the past year or so any time the mention of a blog has come up.  Yet, here I am.  On a whim I looked up blog sites and before I realized what I was doing I had signed up with WordPress.  Then the panic attack started….

After a day of beating myself up and fretting over my impulse move here I am writing my first official blog.  My name is Courtney Bratton.  My husband of 15 years and I live in small town Oklahoma with our 3 kiddos.  M (17), T (11), and L (9).  Yes, I know the timeline doesn’t add up.  We will get to that at a later date.  Our family lives on over 100 acres of woods and pasture land.  We have almost every kind of farm animal known to man–cows, chickens, turkeys,  bees (that’s right– bees!), cats, dogs, a bunny, a turtle and a pony.  It takes quite some time to get everyone fed and watered every day and apparently my hubby has decided on this hot July day we need to work cows in the 98 degree weather!  Can’t wait!!

When I was younger my path was laid out straight in front of me but I’ve made lots of twists and turns and have even fallen off the path along the way.  My hope is to share with others what I’ve learned sometimes the easy way and sometimes the downright hard way.  I want to share my love for God, health, life and beauty to others and I hope that someone will gain something from my crazy, messy life!


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